Look, a blog

You don’t see those every day.  Except, oh yeah, you do.

After hearing that some friends of mine from my days at Cornell had blogs, I decided to make one myself.  It doesn’t hurt that currently I’m in the middle of grading finals and waiting for the electricity in my house to come back on.  So, writing a blog is a nice diversion from that sort of thing.

I’ll probably be posting my thoughts on things that interest me: math, teaching, pop culture, games (including D&D and World of Warcraft), and anything else I feel like, keeping in mind that the number of people reading this will never get out of the single digits.

Enjoy!  Back to the grading grind…


One Response to Look, a blog

  1. MuddledBlog says:

    But isn’t making a blog so much more fun than grading ;)

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