So my power is out

As I mentioned, my power is out currently.  We had a bad ice storm blow through here over the weekend, and apparently there’s still about 5000 people in my town (of about 25000 residents) still without power.  I’m a little concerned about the food in my fridge spoiling, and a little more concerned about my pipes freezing, but I don’t know that there’s really anything I can do about either problem.

The power company doesn’t have an estimate on when the power is coming back, though they’re saying they hope to get power back to “most” people by the end of today.  Hopefully I’m included in the “most” category.  I really like electricity, and I would like it back, please.


2 Responses to So my power is out

  1. […] Hooray for my grading being done. One good outcome of yesterday’s power failure was that I didn’t really have anything to do except go into my office and crank out the rest […]

  2. […] that the holiday season is over. Unlike my friend, I actually like winter (with the exception of ice storms that knock my power out). But the forced family interaction of the holidays just gets on my nerves. I suppose that […]

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