Holidays Over

Well, it’s January 1st, 2008. Happy New Year! I’m pretty happy that the holiday season is over. Unlike my friend, I actually like winter (with the exception of ice storms that knock my power out). But the forced family interaction of the holidays just gets on my nerves. I suppose that ultimately I’m a misanthrope, even when it comes to people I love. This is probably the greatest contributing factor to my troubled relationship history; I’ve yet to find a woman who is OK with my not wanting to be around her half the time.

I’ve long wrestled with the conflict between this misanthropy and my propensity towards depression and loneliness. It’s only in recent years, with financial stability, a stable job I love doing, and a small but close group of friends that I’ve become really content. Sure, I’ll bitch about day-to-day things, but I really am happy. It’s kinda weird, actually. In a good way.


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